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8562 Palm Pkwy
Orlando, FL 32836

Recommended Drinks

  • Thumb beer 320208
    McSwagger's Own
    Crooked Can Brewing Company

    This American Amber Ale is “McSwagger’s favorite” and “go to drink”. He is often found sipping it on most evenings while telling captivating stories of his adventures to friends and strangers alike. This American-Style Amber/Red has a copper to reddish brown hue with a Fruity aroma and a mild Hop aroma. This is a great beer for casual conversation with friends and is a general social lubricant. 6.0% ABV 48 IBU’s

  • Thumb o
    High Hat Kolsch
    Crooked Can Brewing


  • Thumb sonomacider thecrowbar
    The Crowbar
    Sonoma Cider

    Blend of bone dry organic hard cider with fresh organic lime juice and
    just-picked habanero peppers. Fresh bright pepper on the nose and hints
    of heat through the finish. Notes of coriander add complexity and depth

  • Thumb winter garden crooked can brewery engagement wedding photographers 0031
    Crooked Can Stout
    Crooked Can Brewing


  • Thumb brew 22402
    Domestic Bliss Belgian Strong
    Crooked Can Brewing Company

    This Golden Strong Ale is a “Punch in the Face” due to its full gravity and ABV(Alcohol By Volume) of 9.5%. You have to be careful with this one as one might not be enough but two can be one too many. The “Upper Cut” is deceitfully smooth and easy to drink but can eventually get the better of you. This beer has rich golden brown color with a high malt profile. The Belgian yeast strain adds another dimension of flavor to make this classic true to its original design. This tasty ale is like a Boxer in the ring who can wear down his opponent with short jabs lulling them into complacency only to set them up with the finishing move in the end. Bubble gum & Clove notes 9.5 ABV 44 IBU’s

  • Thumb sbc spank final label
    Smuttynose Brewing Company

    There’s nothing better than a big SPANK! for our birthday.
    Gold in color, light in body and refreshingly dry thanks to our spicy, farmhouse ale yeast it’s perfect for summertime sipping. So grab a limited edition bottle, then go find your own summer celebrations, and drink a toast to us while you’re getting into mischief.

  • Thumb bear republic mach 10 e2 84 a2 bottle
    Mach 10
    Bear Republic Brewing Co.

    Pass through the event horizon with this IPA2. American Cascades meld a citrus blast with spicy English First Golds. Savor an intense hoppiness, smooth bitterness and subtle malt character. Prepare to go hypersonic!

Subject to availability.

Player 1 Rules & Age Restrictions. Drink responsibly.

Player 1 is the ultimate video game lounge experience!

After four decades of Video Gaming a few things are clear to us:

  • Arcade games must be played in their original format- joysticks, buttons, and a lo-rez tv screen in a big custom cabinet!
  • Playing online has it’s drawbacks, nothing beats playing against opponents sitting across the room.
  • Video Games deserve a place to celebrate the art and history of the #1 form of entertainment in the world.
  • We like Beer…ales to lagers and everything in between!

Katy's Corner

Tothemoon My Top 5 Most Anticipated Titles So Far!

Ever since the holy grail of gaming events, E3, took place, we have been teased with trailers and announcements to get the community psyched for what’s to come. From new IPs to the seemingly endless possibilities of next-generation technology, there is a lot to be excited about.

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